Main Course

Italian Burrata AED 89

Burrata served with dressed heirloom tomatoesand topped with Parmesan chips and balsamic glaze.

Kale Quinoa Salad AED 65

Quinoa served with kale, toasted butternut squash & pomegranate seeds, delicious goats cheese & toasted seeds

Japanese Dynamite Prawns AED 79

Butterflied dynamite shrimps coated in special tempura batter and tossed in homemade Japanese mayonnaise. 

Seared Salmon Tataki AED 75

Pan Seared Salmon Marinated with Mojo salsa and served with fried julienne carrots. 

Calamari Fritti AED 69

Crispy Japanese style calamari deep fried and tossed with herbs served with amazu cucumber 

Chicken Satay Skewers With Roasted Peanut Sauce 65

Delicious grilled chicken satay skewers marinated in coconut milk & spices, served with peanut sauce.

Sakusaku Tori Wings AED 58

Marinated fried spicy chicken wings in homemade srirancha sauce. 

Wagyu Sliders AED 75

Homemade marinated wagyu patty in a mini brioche bun accompanied with tasty cheddar cheese, fresh tomato and a herb mayonnaise.

Truffle French Fries AED 45

Deep fried golden crunchy French fries topped with shaved truffles and parmesan. 

Chicken Sliders AED 65

Breaded chicken served in mini brioche bun served with jalapeno slaw.

Truffle Pizza AED 85

Homemade truffle flat bread with truffle shavings, parmesan cheese & drizzled with truffle oil.

Vegetable Dumpling AED 55

Homemade vegetable dumpling served with ponzu dressing.

Wagyu Taco AED 65

Grilled wagyu beef served with refried beans and crumble feta.

Chicken Dumpling AED 55

Steamed chicken dumplings served with togarashi dressing.

Edamame AED 28

Steamed soybeans with maldon salt or chili flakes.

Glocano Wild AED 75

A mix of fresh tuna & cucumber topped with salmon kani kamaboko, homemade spicy mayo & a sprinkle of crispy tanuki, garnished with red & black tobiko caviar Allergen(s): Eggs, fish, gluten, soy                                     

Glo Special Roll AED 85                                   

Glo brings you a different dimension of feta cheese, Mexican avocado, Cucumber, fresh Norwegian salmon, deep fried katsu & a drizzle of teriyaki Sauce, soy sauce and California dressing with gari shoga                                         

Tempura Avocado AED 75                                             

Assemble of Philadelphia cheese, fried prawn, fried kani kamaboko, a sprinkle of sichimi togorashi, covered with Mexican umbrella avocado, topped &chopped a mix of shrimp tempura & kani served soy sauce, gari shoga and wasabi                                      

Garden Truffle AED 85                                             

A wrap of marinated ,white radish, truffle paste, cucumber, Mexican avocado, asparagus , soy sauce & a homemade truffle  mayo dressing, truffle oil & served with gari shoga ,wasabi and soy sauce                                                                                                                            


The Chef’s finest selection of sushi

16 pieces AED        119

24 pieces AED        169             


Australian Wagyu Beef Fillet (200gm) AED 189

Grade 5 Wagyu beef fillet, marinated in house Rub served with miso celeriac puree, shimenji  mushroom & teriyaki sauce.

Miso Black Cod (200gm) AED 145

Pan seared marinated black cod on white miso served with steamed Pak-choy & drizzled with tonkasu de glazed sauce. 

Baby Chicken AED 125

Coffee-rubbed baby chicken served with wilted baby spinach, baby carrots, broccolini and a Dijon mustard sauce. 

Vegan Penne Pasta AED 75

Penne pasta served with pumpkin sauce topped with roasted pumpkin, thyme, garlic & miso. 

Wild Garden Risotto AED 75

Risotto Served with shimeji mushroom, green peas, mascarpone cheese, grated parmesan and truffle oil. 

Spanish Churros AED 45

Classic churros served with dulce de leche sauce, Thai chilli strawberry white chocolate. 

Matcha Tiramisu AED 45

Asian inspired tiramisu consisting of layers of matcha cream and coffee soaked savoiardi lady fingers. 


Tiki Do You Love Me AED 69

Sweet & Creamy Long Drink With Cognac, Dark Rum, Mango, Pineapple, Fresh Mint & Coconut. We Grill The Pineapple & Garnish it With Blueberry & Raspberry.

Difcocktail AED 69

A Deep Mix Of Tequila, Martini Rosato, Cherry, Homemade Rose Syrup. All Infused With Fragrant Smoked Woodchips.

Glo Garden AED 79

A Beautifully Presented Drink Served With Gin, Honey, Matcha Syrup, Mint Leaves, With A Hint Of Fresh Ginger & Pasteurized Egg White.

Passionova AED 79

A Refreshingly Long Drink Crafted Together With A Mix Of Vodka, Fresh Lime & & Passion Fruit Juice Garnished With Half A Passion Fruit And Basil Leaves.

Artsy Sour AED 69

A Fresh Mix Of Tequila, Campari, Passion Fruit, Lime, Pasteurized Egg & Homemade Rose Syrup All Served In An Artistic Way.

Pour Decision AED 69

Inspired By The Classic Sangria, This Sweet Rose Wine Cocktail Is Mixed With Gin, Raspberry, Cranberry Juice, And Fresh Berries All Served Through A French Press.

Glogasm AED 69

Will Leave You Feeling Flustered With This Mix Of Vodka, Tequila, Mint, Vanilla, Fresh Kiwi, Fresh Raspberry, Homemade Spice Syrup And Top-Up Ginger Ale. Garnished With Dehydrated Pineapple, Edible Flower & A Mint Sprig.

Coco Bon Bon AED 69

Sweet Dessert Cocktail With Bourbon, Kahlua, Milk & Coconut Cream Garnished With A Chocolate Coated Dehydrated Cocoa Banana Slice.

I Forgot To Call AED 79

This Fruity And Tangy Drink Is Served With Gin, Fresh Pomegranate Juice, Hint Of Kaffir Lime All Garnished With Pomegranate Seeds And Smoked With Cherry Woodchips.

Midnight Rendezvous AED 79

Can You Unlock The Hidden Treasure? A Mysterious Mix Of Gin, Pasteurized Egg White, Lime, Activated Charcol And Hint Of Elderflower.

I Almost Cott-on AED 79

This Fruity Concoction Of Light Rum, Fresh Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice, Cucumber, Basil With Hint Of Elderflower Served with Dehydrated Pineapple, Cotton Candy Nest & An Edible Butterfly.

Edison’s Owl AED 79

This Sweet & Refreshing Cocktail Is Presented In A Very Unique Way! See For Yourself And Try This
Beautiful Cocktail With Bourbon, Peach, Basil With A Touch Of Earl Grey Tea Decoction.

Old Fashioned AED 80

The old fashioned is one of the most classic cocktails made by muddling Brown sugar with bitters and water, adding Bourbon whiskey
and garnishing with orange and a cocktail cherry. Developed during the 19th century and given its name in the 1880s.

Bellini AED 80

A Bellini is a sparkling cocktail made with Prosecco and peach purée. It originated in Venice, Italy. Created between 1934 and 1948 by Giuseppe Cipriani, the founder of Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy.

Martini AED 60

James Bond’s favourite, the martini is probably one of the most famous cocktails in the world! Made with gin or vodka and vermouth, garnished with an olive or a lemon twist depending on your preference.

Mint Julep AED 60

Mint julep is a beautiful cocktail, consisting primarily of bourbon, sugar, water, crushed ice and fresh mint. The earliest known mentions come from 1770, a true classic!


Ahh the famous Long Island iced tea! A long & strong drink typically made with vodka, tequila, light rum, triple sec, gin, citrus juice and a splash of cola. Robert “Rosebud” Butt claims to have invented the Long Island iced tea as an entry in a contest to create a new mixed drink with triple sec in 1972.

Daiquiri AED 55

Daiquiri is a family of cocktails, blended or shaken whose main ingredients are rum, citrus juice and sugar. It was invented in the 1900’s it truly is a classic.

Whiskey Sour AED 60

The whiskey sour is an all time classic containing whiskey, lemon juice, sugar, a dash of Angustura bitter & egg white. Created in 1762, bartender’s hero named Vice Admiral Edward Vernon of England began mixing a few ingredients together to serve to his Sailor crew.

Negroni AED 80

The Negroni is a popular Italian cocktail, made of one part gin, one part vermouth rosso and one part Campari, garnished with orange peel. It is considered an apéritif. Negroni was invented in Florence, Italy in early 20th century.

Moscow Mule AED 65

The Moscow mule is a famous cocktail made with vodka, ginger ale and lime juice, garnished with a wedge of lime. Served in a copper mug, which takes on the cold temperature of the liquid. The cocktail was in fact invented in LA (not Moscow) in 1941 in The Cock and Bull restaurant on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, which was popular with celebrities.

Margarita AED 60

A margarita is an all time classic cocktail consisting of tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice often served with salt on the rim of the glass. The drink is served shaken with ice, blended with ice or without ice or on the rocks. Originally created in 1937.

Aperol Spritz AED 60

The Aperol Spritz, also called just Spritz, is an Italian wine-based cocktail, commonly served as an apéritif in Northeast Italy. It consists of prosecco, Aperol and soda water on the rocks. Aperol Spritz became popular in the 1950s, inspired by the Venetian mix of white wine and soda.


Russian Standard55951099
Beluga Noble951751799
Beluga Gold1903653599
Greygoose 1.5 LtrNANA2999
Greygoose 3 LtrNANA5499
Belvedere 1.5 Ltr.NANA2999
Belvedere 3 Ltr.NANA5499



Tanquery London Dry 601051299
Bombay Sapphire 651151399
Gin Mare801451599
Monkey 471202251699


Couvoisier VSOP110NA2099
Remy VSOP130NA2199
Remy XO250NA5999
Hennessy VSOP95NA1999
Hennessy XO220NA4999


Bacardi Carta Blanca  55851199
Bacardi Carta Negra BLK 591011249
                    Bacardi Carta Gold                       651151299
                       Bacardi 8 Anos                            751351349
                          Cachacha 51                                 60101NA
Malibu  60101NA
Sailor Jerry601011249
              Ron Zacaoa Centenario 23                  901601999
                    Ron Zacapa XO                          1102002499


Jose Cuervo Silver55NA1099
Jose Cuervo Gold55NA1099
Patron Xo Cafe65NA1299
Patron Silver75NA1499
Patron Reposado90NA2099
Patron Anejo105NA2299
Don Julio Anejo110NA2399
Don Julio 1942330NA6999



Doo Doo59
Blue Kamikaze59
Brain Haemorrhage69
Glocoholic (Signature)89
                                  Red Label                                    55101999
                               Jw Black Label                               751351449
                               Jw Blue Label                                 3005506699
Chivas 12  851601899
Chivas 18  1202202999
                                Chivas 25                                 3505506999
Royal Salute 21 2504805199
Jack Daniels No.7   701351649
                   Jack Daniel Honey                       851551899
Gentleman Jack       115215NA
                                Jim Beam                                    601011199
Bulleit Rye   1051952199
                          Talisker 10 Yo                              801451649
                       Laphroiag 10 Yo.                             751651599
                  Glenmorangie Original                       801451599
                   The Glenlivet 12 Yo                         851551699
                         Glenfiddich 12                               751351599
                          Glenfiddich 18                                1102052499
   The Macallan 12 Triple Cask           951751999
                 The Macallan 15. Triple Cask                          1502852999
The Macallan 18. Triple Cask   2053954499
Nikka From The Barrel851551499
    Hibiki Japanese Harmony    1102052499
Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label1199
Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut1299
Moet& Chandon Imperial Magnum 1.5 Ltr.2399
Moet & Chandon Imperial Jeroboam 3 Ltr.5999
Dom Perignon Blanc3799
Armand De Brignac “Ace Of Spades”5999
Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial1999
Dom Perignon Rose  6899
Laurent Perrier Brut Rose2299



Doc, Da Luca Prosecco  75370
Atto Primo Brut75370
Jacob Creek Pinot Noir ChardonnayNA500
Jacob Creek Rose   NA600




            Lindeman’s Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay               65319
Terre Allegre Trebbiano 65319
Santa Julia Chardonnay                           65319
Araldica Garganega, Pinot Grigio.85419
Pasos De La Capula Verdejo.                          85419
Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough, Mud House             NA529
Oyster Bay Sauvignon BlancNA629
J. Moreau & Fils Petit Chablis                         NA729
Pascal Jolivet Sancerre NA 829




Rosé, Vistana, Santa Carolina65319
                               Santa Julia Syrah Rosé                               65319
De Bortoli Rose 65319
Sabourin Grande Reserve Grenache Rosé  85419
Château d’Esclans Whispering Angel Rosé               NA529
Pascal Jolivet Sancerre Rosé                         NA829
Chateau Minuty Rose et Or 1.5L                           NA1729




          Lindeman’s Western Cape, Cabernet / Merlot                65319
Sangiovese Igt, Terre Allegre65319
Rioja Bodegas Navajas Tempranillo, Garnacha     85419
                                     Santa Julia Malbec                                               85419
Jacob’s Creek  Shiraz- Cabernet               95519
Yellow Tail Shiraz95519
                       Villa Antinori Rosso, Toscana Igt                               NA529
Marqués De Riscal Rioja, Viña Collada Doca          NA419
Mendoza Malbec, CatenaNA629
Pinot Noir, Central Otago, Mud HouseNA629
Marqués De Murrieta Reserva Rioja Doca            NA729
Louis Jadot Bourgogne Rouge, Couvent Des Jacobins   NA729
Louis Jadot Beaujolais-villagesNA729


Heineken DraughtNA5535
Asahi Super Dry55  
Peroni Nastro Azzurro60  
Brooklyn Ipa Craft Beer65  




Magners Original 33CL50
Magners Dark Fruit 50CL80

Mint To Be AED 50

A healthy tasty drink perfect for a detox with fresh cucumber, mint leaves, lime juice blended together with a hint of
homemade simple syrup

Red Monkey AED 50

Fresh pomegranate juice slightly sweet with homemade simple syrup, a hint of basil and lemon juice to

The Bitter Rose AED 50

Refreshing grapefruit with a hint of homemade rose syrup, fresh rosemary, elderflower, lime juice & topped
with ginger ale

Kaffir Cooler AED 50

Fresh orange juice nicely mixed with kaffir lime, homemade simple syrup & soda

I Berry Your Pardon? AED 50

A fruity mocktail with cranberry juice, watermelon, pomegranate juice, fresh lime juice, peach syrup garnished with
seasonal fresh berries

Designated Driver AED 50

Refreshing blackcurrant with a hint of mint topped with soda & seasonal fresh berries


Still (Aqua Panna)NA2940
Sparkling (San Pellegrino)NA3545
Coke- Regular/diet30  
Red Bull55  
Sugar Free Red Bull55  



Café Latte30
Earl Grey 25
English Breakfast25
Chammomile Flower 25
Jasmin Green 25
Moroccan Tea25



AED 149

Flavor – Options
Double Apple, Mint, Orange, Paan Raas, Kiwi Blast, Grape, Blueberry, Peach, Strawberry, Watermelon, Gum, Grape Mint, Kiwi Mint, Apple Mint, Orange Mint, Paan Orange, Paan Mint, Blueberry Mint, Cinnamon Gum, Sweet Melon, Gum Mystica.

AED 179

Classic – Flavors
Double Apple, Mint, Orange, Paan Raas, Kiwi Blast, Grape, Blueberry, Peach, Strawberry, Watermelon, Gum, Grape Mint, Kiwi Mint, Apple Mint, Orange Mint, Paan Orange, Paan Mint, Blueberry Mint, Cinnamon Gum, Sweet Melon, Gum Mystica.

Signature – Flavors
Kiwi Twist, Commissioner, Sea Breeze, Pink Lady, Brain Freezer, Arabian Oud, Psm.

AED 199

Classic – Flavors
Double Apple, Mint, Orange, Paan Raas, Kiwi Blast, Grape, Blueberry, Peach, Strawberry, Watermelon, Gum, Grape Mint, Kiwi Mint, Apple Mint, Orange Mint, Paan Orange, Paan Mint, Blueberry Mint, Cinnamon Gum, Sweet Melon.

Signature – Flavors
Kiwi Twist, Commissioner, Sea Breeze, Pink Lady, Brain Freezer, Arabian Oud, Psm.