The Best Lounge in Dubai 2021

GLO is predicted to be one of the best lounges in Dubai 2021

In 2020, the hospitality and restaurant industry has faced unprecedentedly difficult times with many venues facing forced restrictions, and even complete closures for detrimentally long periods of time. Although Dubai as a city faired rather well in terms of the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic in comparison to other cities and nations, the restaurant and hospitality industry in Dubai still faced massive changes and disadvantages with many venues struggling and even closing for good.

However, some businesses used the worldwide pandemic caused by the spread of COVID-19 to actually grow and become more popular, and some new venues have researched, adapted and sprouted from the chaos with planned openings for the new year. One of these new venues is GLO, which is predicted to become one of the best lounges in Dubai 2021 for a variety of reasons. Of course, it is hard to accurately predict in such uncertain times which will be the best lounges in Dubai 2021, but GLO is a confident contender for the top spot.

There is no doubt that to be one of the best lounges in Dubai 2021, a venue must go above and beyond already high expectations because Dubai is already home to one of, if not the most extensive rdanges of consistently high rating restaurants and eateries in the world. The city has a multitude of dining experiences to cater to different dining preferences, from world-renowned famous names in luxury-dining, to independent, authentic eateries with a whirlwind of different experiences and themes. Thus, GLO as a brand new name has done well to already become one of the top predicted best lounges in Dubai 2021, and for good reason.

GLO will be opening in the new year as Dubai’s newest luxury fine dining restaurant, with a very exciting twist. The venue will create a totally unique experience for guests as they indulge in delicious food and beautifully mixed drinks whilst relaxing in a classy but comfortable setting. It is this combination of elegance and comfort that is expected to make GLO one of the best lounges in Dubai 2021, creating a vibe that is the best of both worlds.

The Best Lounge To Visit and Chill

This shabby-chic restaurant is highly anticipated as one of the best lounges In Dubai 2021 also due to the early release of some of its themed event teasers, including their planned Saturday GIN & TONIC brunch. They have also become one of the major contenders for the best lounges in Dubai 2021 due to their plans to have top-class musicians, from violinists to saxophonists, to create a dining experience for all of the senses.

If you are planning to visit a new venue in Dubai in the new year, then GLO is the best place to try as it is set to be one of the best lounges in Dubai 2021. Let’s hope that the new year will bring a revival of the hospitality and restaurant industry after a difficult 2020.

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